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Mobile making museums cool?

How one historical site is using mobile apps to spice up the experience.

Sensu Digital artist brush

SENSU is ontwikkeld uit de wens om het authentieke penseel te kunnen gebruiken met teken- en schilderapss op de iPhone, iPad etc. Het lichtgewicht penseel ...

Jennifer Lawrence: My New Horror Film ‘Mother!’ Is ‘An Assault’ | TODAY

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence tells TODAY's Savannah Guthrie that her unconventional new horror film “Mother!” is “an assault,” but adds, “that's what makes it a masterpiece.”...

Introducing Little foot

For the past 20 years, Professor Ron Clarke from the Evolutionary Studies Institute at Wits University has worked painstakingly to chisel Litte foot, the world's most complete skeleton of an...

Chris Rea-Road Songs For Lovers-Track By Track Interview

Chris Rea discusses tracks from his new album 'Road Songs For Lovers'. Get your copy here: Follow Chris Rea: Facebook:

Papa Francesco dialoga con l'equipaggio della Stazione spaziale internazionale

Papa Francesco si è collegato oggi, giovedì 26 ottobre, con l'equipaggio della Stazione spaziale internazionale. Tv2000 ha trasmesso l'evento in diretta e questo è il video integrale.

Eisbär-Nachwuchs im Tierpark Berlin - Polar bear cub born in Tierpark Berlin

Der lang ersehnte Eisbär-Nachwuchs kam in der Nacht zum 7. Dezember 2017 im Tierpark Berlin zur Welt. Mehr Informationen unter:

Die Schöne und das Biest - Musikclip: Gaston | Disney HD

Jetzt gibt es DIE SCHÖNE UND DAS BIEST auf DVD, Blu-ray™ und als Download. Jetzt DIE SCHÖNE UND DAS BIEST auf DVD, Blu-ray™ und als Download. Auf DVD: ➤

ADELE Asks Fan to Stop Recording Her During Live Show - ADELE DRAGS WOMAN [VIDEO]

Go on, Adele! Superstar shuts down a fan she caught recording her live concert on tour Adele asks fan to stop recording her and enjoy the show live . Do u think fans go overboard on tryna record...

ReLoveLution | Bernie Sanders

"Bernie Sanders comes to us in a moment of crisis of credibility in the American political system...people feel like they have given up on the system, and that is exactly what the bad guys...

Matilda Movie Trailer 2017

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